Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Whose Development ?
By Sharad Sharma

Whose Development (English) and Vikaskalhe Vipreet Buddhi (Hindi) are first comics anthologies on Development recently published by World Comics India.

This comics book is also an example comics journalism at very local level.
Last many years World Comics India is actively working to promote the idea. The Grassroots Comics are are different from the mainstream comics and drawn by the people themselves. The activists use these comics for communication purposes in their respective organisation and area. Over the period of time many of them have picked up the comics as their main profession.

There are stories from Jharkhand which tells how the adivasis are being affected of big development projects and also about the Uranium mines radiation.
Story from Assam shows fisherman's harsh life conditions while the Goa story is about big companies encroachment into tourism. Kolkata story is about slow moving tram and Rajasthan story is about plight of a Dalit man.

Price Rs. 100

Product Details
Paperback : +68 inside
Author/Editor : Sharad Sharma
Year of Publication : 2009
Publisher : World Comics India, New Delhi
Language : English & Hindi

Table of Contents :

Lakhindra Nayak story on displacement of tribals- Page 5
Tania Andrabi story on disappearance in Kashmir. Page 11
Champalal Kushvaha story on Farmers living under debt. Page 14
Tawna story on development in far Northeastern state Mizoram Page 19
Suresh story on plight of dalit boy in Rajasthan Page 22
Thomas Sundi story on corruption in development projects Page 28
Nandeshu story of a dalit family living in Orissa Page 32
Rahul story on big dam and displacement Page 35
Chanchal story on Naxalism in Chattisgarh Page 40
Debajyoti Bora story on fisherman’s dream in Assam. Page 43
Manish Singh story on development and human relationship Page 48
Saptrishi Ray on Nandigram & Nano Page 52
Danis D’souza story on dark side of tourism in Goa Page 56
Rajeswari Saha story on Kolkata famous Tram Page 59
Sunder Mohan story on Uranium mining and radiation in Jharkhand Page 63


  1. Waiting for my copies :) excited....well done friends!!!!

  2. This is very interesting. Is there a chance of seeing a few pages online as a preview?

    Also, is this available at bookstores like Crossword or Landmark?