Thursday, August 5, 2010

Read Rajeswari's story on Commonwealth Games


  1. Hey its really good yaar...

    Actually its Hypocrisy all through d way..
    d same place where d games village has been built was termed as unfit for slum dwellers few year back n d same location is fetching d govt now, crores of rupees for a single flat..

  2. thanks pradeep for commenting. we all have witnessed that commonwealth has done blunders to everyday life, just figure out the Delhi roads when it just rains a bit, or lets say students life in the DU is in a mess with no admissions till october..till the grand thing happens they are paying heavy PG rent! it has turned out to be displacement game ...there is a dire need of planned alternatives for all this , then only would possibly our development get settled with theirs.

  3. That's great,, I hope this can help them to be less intimidated about making comics. I love pointing to xkcd and Dinosaur Comics, just because the images are SO simple, and I've just posted here in the comments a comic by Gary Northfield that features a single leaf per panel. The kids could do something as simple as take a photograph of an apple and show the same exact photo in each panel, just giving it different speech bubbles. Maybe there are two flies on the apple talking to each other - they might just be little dots.